Plexcel Stewardship and Work Culture Anecdote


Plexcel Stewardship and Work Culture Anecdote

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.”

– Howard Stevenson

Plexcel as an organization is more inclined towards job roles for an individual. It’s been seen in many organizations as an unnecessary task that does not come under the scope of the role performed by that individual. Plexcel brings expertise from every niche field to cater to diverse business needs. We have nurtured structured partnership models that are quick, reliable, and result-oriented. Our core strength is in handling extra-ordinary customer situations to deliver exceptional results of customer service by understanding their business needs, ideate the solution according to the business needs with the right mix of tools & technologies with the following points:

  1. Decision making is fast.
  2. Stand as committed.
  3. Collective inputs are taken on any critical aspect. Eg: Policy enhancement, new strategies as per market

When it comes to the company culture & management, everything is about the company’s vision. Work environment, values, employee engagement & commitment from each & every individual right from employees to management with the equal dedication of work from both the ends show the best company culture. Plexcel management & team are clear with their perspective in their visionaries.

Decision Making is faster:

Indeed, quick response to customer needs, faster decisions, utilization of opportunities, lead to happy outcomes with high-quality outcomes. Plexcel is a decision driven organization, it’s been believed that failure is a misunderstanding link between structure and performance. We believe in understanding the decisions which are critical to our company’s strategy, to create value decisions that should be made at an organizational level. Here ‘structure’ ‘performance’ are inter-related in an organization, if we make the proper decisions with the organization’s structure then the performance will improve.

Stand as committed

For the overall growth of the company, the organization should provide key tenets of workplace safety & environment protection with rules & norms, need to take care of employee well-being & growth strategy, the company should stand as committed. Plexcel as an organization stands to the company growth as committed with the following ingredients; 

  • * Expecting the best (The complete trust and faith in the commitments we make)
  • * Keeping the relationship front & center
  • * Being honest & transparent.
  • * Accepting Responsibilities
  • * Living up to the commitments either in good or bad times
  • * Togetherness i,e., by ‘build, grow & win together’  

“Always remember the distinction between contribution and commitment.

Take the matter of bacon and eggs. The chicken makes a contribution. The pig makes a commitment.”

-John Mack Carter

Collective inputs are taken during critical aspects

We all know about the present crisis “CORONAVIRUS” which you have quite heard about, due to which all the companies have to announce work from home for the employees. During these critical aspects, we are taking significant steps for the employees to work from home for their safety & security purpose and at the same time, collective inputs have been taken on a daily basis.  We have been able to successfully execute and deliver the projects on time & by being on track each and every day as said from our previous blog.

  • *  Login on time
  • *  Prioritizing the task and updating them on collaboration tool like Jira
  • *  Task & Time-tracking technique
  • *  Team Connecting with the Remote employees using Google Chats & Video    Conferencing Tool
  • *  All-Hands meeting once in every week
  • *  Sharing of success stories with team members
  • *  Scheduling regular meeting on a day-to-day basis
  • *  Taking informed breaks
  • *  Conducting remote activities for team building
  • *  Filling the timesheet on a daily basis
  • *  Logout & Leaves

Plexcel as an organization possesses a company culture by responding to an unprecedented service request. Even during this critical time, Plexcel takes care of employee’s health at the same time they make sure every work assigned is done on time, and with the COVID-19 disrupting businesses all over, most teams have been forced to go remote. During these critical times, we conduct engaging Virtual Team Building activities to our remote employees that have helped us build a closely-knit and successful team!

Stand Together by not Standing Together 

Keep yourself safe, environment clean & wash your hands regularly.

#stayhome #staysafe #stopthespread #spreadkindness #socialdistancing #quarantine #physicaldistancing #stayhealthy

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