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Our Story

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The Drive

Being just an employee has never been so fulfilling for the budding entrepreneur and soon a new initiative was started as Plexcel


Cranking the engine

With years of industry experience, a formal partnership was founded and it laid a strong foundation to achieve further.


On the path to growth

We are expanding our horizons into full-scale IT services, product development and application engineering

Plexcel Story

Many times, good things happen just like that. One of the instances led our director to think that she could achieve much more than contributing as an employee. Yes, she had thought of entrepreneurship.

She took a decision to start-off with her creativity, expertise in graphic-designing, user experience designing and web development. Within a couple of years, three other Directors joined hands together to build Plexcel Info Systems.

We are now a start-up founded in October 2018. Our experts deliver amazing user experience, outreaching mobile applications and precision-made software applications. We handle the extra-ordinary, where our experts are the saviors.

We are a team of handpicked designers, developers, content writers, architects and marketing enthusiasts. We are highly passionate about making a joyful journey for a clients while adding value to their businesses.

Our core strength is in handling extra-ordinary customer situations to deliver exceptional results.

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Ideal Roadmap

Whether you're building a simple prototype or a business-critical product, We follow certain process from proper planning, product strategy, brain storming sessions which will prevent extra work and save you lot of hours

Test early, test often : A simple mantra and works for any project. We do testing it every stage of the project

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