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What is UX?

Design is a process of constant iteration.

It’s a very interesting job and becomes more and more interesting as you get involved, find ways to solve a particular problem in one or a few steps.

A problem can be fixed in many ways, but how efficiently (reducing the number of steps) it is fixed is the key component. For example, Preview page can be shown in multiple steps but an experienced UX designer can show in one step

A person can become an excellent UX designer based on the experience. It depends on the number and kind of features the projects he/she would have worked on. Every project teaches a new way to improvise it further.

UX design (User Experience Design) is a process of exploring many different approaches to solving a specific user problem without disturbing the logical flows from one step to the next.

For example: As simple as showing a “Back button” on a Forgot password screen tells the user to go back to the previous screen.

It is a science of capturing/engaging the user to know more about your software product, website, mobile app and communicate visually. A well-defined UX gives a self-explanatory product


Why UX design is an important step?

We could simply say, “It’s important because it deals with our users”

UX enables UI designers to focus on creating a great experience, pleasant look & feel and engineers to focus on engineering thereby ensuring accuracy and on-time delivery

Additionally, users have been accessing websites in an increasing number of ways: mobile devices, a vast number of browsers, different types of Internet connections.

The average length of time people spend on any given website is 15 seconds – not a lot of time at all. What’s the difference between a website that loses its visitors in the first 15 seconds, and a website that keeps people there until they’ve finished with what they came for?

Giving the same experience across devices with easy and minimal navigation also is the key factor in engaging the user to the portal/website


Benefits of having UX design:

The benefits of UX might not be readily apparent as those of other parts of the website or application, but it can lead to higher returns later on. For example, a simple improvement in the user experience design of a payment process could increase revenue by millions of dollars.

Picking the right UI elements/aesthetics for e.g.: buttons alignment, menu’s, dropdowns, etc…  for certain tasks. This leads to better and more familiar experiences.


Ways to showcase UX design:

UX design is all about simplifying the flow with minimal steps to achieve the desired result.

It can be hand-drawn wireframe using pencil and paper or using some tool to show it in more professional manner.

Will talk more about the tools in next blog…



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