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Google Ads – The most efficacious way of online advertising

Hi guys, we have come up with the most interesting & trending topic in the Digital Marketing world which is Google Ads. Google Ads helps you get more customers in achieving your business goals, it’s a digital advertising solution that helps you reach the target audience and transforms them into valuable customers. You can easily connect with billions of people at the moment they’re looking for what to do, where to go & what to buy. 


Why Google Ads?

Every second, there are a million searches on Google, and the majority of the search results include Google ads paid for by businesses. Google ads are the most efficacious way of getting relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

You can grow your business with Google Ads by which you can get access to a broad range of advertising products designed to help you reach billions of people. 

  • * Can grow your business online, in-app, in-person & over the telephone sales, it will even drive your sales. 
  • * Can encourage the people to take action by boosting conversions to get leads, getting the right people on the website by increasing website visits, 
  • * Endorse people to check on your website products & services with influence consideration.
  • * Building awareness among the broad audience by maximizing the exposure, if you have an app you can promote your app as well


Types of Google Ads

Google Ads account for Google’s advertising networks – the search network, the display network, and YouTube Ads & App Ads(application-based Ads).

1. Search Ads

For exemplar, below image shows how a Search Ads look like in a search result;

Search Ads are more about bidding keywords & targeting them for the customer you want to show up. They’re very effective which increases clicks & conversions, we bid to capture visitors and convert paid traffic.


2. Google Display Ads

Here’s what a Google display ad looks like;

Display ads are text or banner ads, shown on Gmail and other websites within the display network. It’s beneficial for most of the businesses who want remarketing who did not convert to bring back website visitors.  From the above example, it’s been shown that there’s an ad on the website which is known as ‘Display Ads’.


3. Video/Youtube Ads

And here’s what a YouTube/Video ad looks like;

Video Ads allows you to create a video & that can be shown on a Youtube Videos, it’s a free video advertising to reach out people by sharing Ideas & interests & can even be useful for most of the businesses to convert that into sales by reaching out to the right customers.


4. Application Ads

Here’s what Application Ads look like;

App Ads are seen across Search, Play & Youtube, including mobile sites & apps. App campaigns are basically for IOS & Android Apps. By running the ap campaign,  you can increase engagement, app installs, and even in-app actions, like signing up for a newsletter or ordering a product.


Benefits of Ads Campaigns

Google Ads has the three most important fundamental features: Relevance, Control & Results.


They help you reach out to the right customers with the proper message at the right time. For the products or services, you’re looking for these ads are found in Google Search, Youtube & many more. We can even add the relevant keywords we want with the location to be targeted for reaching out to the right customers.



We can have complete control over the Google Ads budget for how much we have to spend per month, per day for every Ad. Google decides which Ads to show according to using a light fast auction method. If we have to change the budget we need to modify the Ad by changing the budget accordingly. We have to restart a campaign or pause it. 



To know the performance of how the sites, app, or ads are performing, there are measuring tools & even the smart technology allows users to create, manage & customize the Ad campaign according to the investment done. We can even pay only for the clicks, & results which are running well in Ads campaigns.



Companies spend a lot of money on Google Ads based on clicks to show up by grabbing the attention of buyers and generating leads or sales who are interested in particular products or services. The goal of Google Ads is to make money, just not drive sales. 

With every click on Ad from the advertiser, Google makes money.

That’s quite simple, right?

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