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A Changing World of Work

Change is the law of life – John F. Kennedy

The landscape of how we all knew about work has changed in subtle and yet profound ways. At least we have started to notice it more in our lives now than ever. Rather than represent only a challenge and how our team should or could face it let’s think how this could signal an opportunity. Far too many companies are walking into the future backward, using the past to direct their response to the present and future. It is time to take a forward-facing stance. Here are 2 topics as food for thought that you could mull upon into your daily work at PLEXCEL.


Focusing on Work Effectiveness

By questioning, “How can we be more effective?”  teams naturally end up addressing how members want to grow and be challenged and how they want career and life to fit together. The advantage is that they tackle these topics through the lens of driving better business results and create a win-win for individuals and organizations. Instead of an individual employee problem, view work culture as a collective opportunity for rethinking work effectiveness. Look around there are multiple options within the team members that can help create a wide range of choices to meet individual and organizational needs. For example, if one employee wants to start early and leave early and another wants to start late and leave late, these individual requests pose a challenge for the business. But if managed well and within the context of a team, however, staggered schedules may increase effectiveness as they improve customers’ access to employees for a longer period each day.

Given the move to team-based projects, more members need what were previously management-level skills, such as facilitation or project planning. Companies can increase productivity by providing training in these critical competencies.


How to Be More Effective at Work – Staying Focused at Work even when “Working Remotely”
  • * Check in with yourself.
  • * Know how to do your job well.
  • * Stay motivated to avoid procrastination.
  • * Worry about what you can control.
  • * Work efficiently.
  • * Collaborate with your coworkers.


The Power of Engagement to Drive High Performance

An implication of the changing world of work is that different things motivate different people based on a multitude of personal and professional considerations and different things will motivate the same person at different points in his or her life. 

Engagement depicts the range to which employees go the extra mile to deliver extraordinary results for the company. Companies with high engagement scores deliver better results. There are a wide range of drivers or engagement, including the below few items –

  • Pride and camaraderie
  • Variety, originality, and human touch to talent programs and policies.
  • Learning and growth opportunities and culture
  • *  Employee perception of fairness
  • *  Recognition of individual and team contributions
  • *  Inclusiveness
  • *  Trust and transparent communications


A regular one on one call with your team lead or manager is encouraged at PLEXCEL even on video conference if it cannot be in person. We are all in this together. Talk to your team leads, managers, and supervisors. You can, of course, come to find your human resource manager. Have a time when you can openly discuss things so that transparency is maintained. What is needed from the company to enable that higher performance matrix? Eventually, this can strengthen a company’s employment brand significantly. The company attracts better talent and a diverse group of individuals. Much like businesses mark your inventory of skills and experiences, assessing their relevance to the position or projects within the organization. Ask yourself how to create a consistent and compelling impression that lets you grow with a fair trade between career and life goals.


Stand Together by not Standing Together 

Keep yourself safe, environment clean & wash your hands regularly.

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